Past. Present. Future.




(Coming this November!)

Contemporary YA

Used to being a ghost in the halls of high school, Jodie has always found solace in a world of Stephen King novels, Oreo cookies, Dave Brubeck jazz riffs, and origami. Forever classified as a geeky outcast, she finally finds two unlikely friends that share her interests and accept her as she is: Bethany the visually-impaired, neuro-diverse new girl, and Jared the home-schooled, self-proclaimed nerdy frozen-yogurt clerk she's crushing on big-time.  But when the origami tutorial videos she creates go viral and have the potential to thrust her into the center of popularity, fortune and fame, Jodie is faced with a decision. Does she expose her identity and capitalize on the chance of being accepted by all those who have always shunned her, or will doing so jeopardize the only two true relationships she’s ever had?

Beach Fun


(Work in Progress)

Contemporary YA

When her father accepts a job offer in Maui, Jess feels like this could be the fresh start she craves. The island’s beauty and charm provide a stark contrast to her home back in Canada. But the elite social hierarchy of Maui Gardens Charter School proves to be a thorny world to navigate. Then swoops in Kai Kamealoha; a surf-loving Maui local, with a fierce loyalty to his family, and a passion for preserving the island’s natural beauty. Kai shows Jess that Maui is much more than the sun, surf, and sand of tourism brochures, and he introduces her to an authentic look at Hawaiian life. Jess can’t help but fall in love with the island, and maybe with Kai Kamealoha as well. So, when she discovers that a real estate developer is forcing Kai’s family to sell their ancestral farm, she’s determined to help him find a way to save it. But digging deeper exposes a duplicity within her own family. Her presence on the island may be putting Kai’s family in jeopardy and leaving the island for good may be her only option.